Saturday, February 7, 2009


today is just an ordinary day like any other days..nothng much hppn one thing yg nk qla cite for ths post is tht i MASAK BURGER TD!!..pcaye la..btol nie..=)

ptg td(like after maghrib)..only me n aimi left at home..mak,abah,izzan n ifan sume klua..but ifan n izan order smthng bfore they left...know what..they asked for a burger..."izzan nk burger ayam double special taw"..same goes to ifan..

k la..since we got nthng to do..aimi n i will rock da kitchen...

it was good..x de la sampai yg lawak nye..buat burger n goreng fries byk glr pinggan yg kiteorg gune..even nk letak pisau n sudu pown aimi still put them in a plate..adela more than 6 kowt..haha..nsb baekla aimi offer diri nk basuh pinggan..haha..while i'll do bab mengemas...

angah..okla..we did a good job gak kn..da kitchen was clean n back to normal blk kn ble deorg blk..=)yea...

lps nie nk order burger best just text me..haha..nnt qla bwat plg special for my dearest frnds=)hah...

*someone yg x "disangke2" text me..nthal..a bit hppy..but a bit ~~~~~~~nthla..


  1. fuh babe!!!
    u mmg hebat babe!!
    kte kt aimi i kte congratz sbb da kitchen x mletup..
    (ckp org jewr lbeyh ak nie..)
    i nk burger gk..
    btw..spe yg x dsngke2 2h??
    cmon la..
    nie didie larh..
    x kn x nk bgtau kowt??

  2. huhu...jap2..nie jap ag ad kedai ka?kene datang nie..=p
    btw,sapakah geranagn...??:D

  3. ninie n didie..nnt2 i bgtau k..=)