Thursday, February 21, 2013

Maria pesan ...

Note to self :

1. There is no eternal beauty . One day it will definitely fade away .

2. What yours may not forever be yours.

3. If something is meant for you, then it will. If not..

4. No , you have nothing . Everything is 'borrowed' to you .

5. Be grateful for what you have .

6. Dont take what is other's !

Place to dine-in in Bangalore

Well, i think this will be my very first food-logue. I know im not an expert to talk about the the texture of the food, is it perfectly spice up or what. I dont cook that much , i knowwwww.

But hey, i love to eat. I swear i eat a lot these days, like A LOT and tend to have a never ending craving list. So might as well i share the greet feelings to be fed with good foods with you people out there.

12th Jan 2013 - Chutney Chang

Located at MG Road, Chutney Chang offers you buffet with 50 + varieties that you will want to try every each of the food served. Since it is a buffet, i think i would love to share my "strategies" so that you will not surrender a little too early and waste your penny without any full satisfaction.

1. Start with dessert. Seriously ! Enjoy the sweetness, creamy and all for as much as you want. Once you are full and plan to have your dessert for your last meal, you will never enjoy "DESSERT" as you wish . The only thing you are dying for at that time is simply plain cold mineral water . After all, oh come on, it is a buffet and not a corporate dinner or what that you have to eat accordingly , mannerly.

2. A NO NO to start with rice. Only take rice towards the end of your meal.

3. Dont rush ! Just have in mind that you've paid to dine in there , so you have the right to linger around a bit longer. Have some "rest" in between the meal.

For Muslims, bare in mind to read the description about the food before you eat as there are some that may contain alcohol/wine.

Approximately  Rupee 500 (RS 500) per 1 person when compared to the amount of food serve , i think it is a wise 'investment' for food lovers .

Anddd ohhh, they have chocolate fountain !

My favorite dish will be their fish dishes ( i don't remember the name , sorry ) and their special dim sum. Something you shouldn't missed out .

And not to forget to make a reservation ! This is a must !

My rate : 3.5 - worth trying

16th Feb 2013 - Fat Buddha

I super duper love this place . The first time we stepped into this little place, i was likeeee
"is this for R-E-A-L" . High class and romantic, yeah that's the words. The served Malaysian's , Indonesian's , Japanese's , Thai's and few others that i don't bother to remember as i saw in the menu that they have satay ayam . Weee. They even have nasi kerabu (a modern one i swear as they put in broccoli  LOL and don't expect there is any budu !) , gado-gado and what more . Just go and try lah ! But i would love to recommend you their Thai food . They are simply YUMMYYYYYH. ohh and try also their mocktail . Super yummmyh !

(we already asked if they served halal food, and they said yes, halal cut . In case you are still in doubt, give them a call and ask politely )

My rate : 4 - based on their classy and romantic ambiance and of course the foods we ordered.

17th Feb 2013 - Savoury Specialist Arabic

As the name itself, it's time for Mandhi Rice , my all time favorite. Didn't expect there is any real Arabic restaurant nearby to full-filed my craving . And i bet they offer you ridiculously cheappppp price for that kind of supper yummyhhhh foods. The taste was authentic .

My favorite will be their Lamb Mandhi Rice , prawn something-something ( see i have problem to remember foods name, sorry ) , their 3 layers smoothie (kiwi, mango and berries) and also strawberry smoothie. A MUST MUST MUST try ! or else, just stay at home and eat Maggie . LOL

 My rate : 4.5 - based on foods only

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sexy Red


The very first attempt , yet it turned out to be so sexyyyyyy .

Bundle of thanks to the lovely and super supportive Sh. Durrah ;) IMY !

#this is what Maria did when she should be studying for Sem 1 exam . 6 days to go Maria !

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kisah Maria

Ini kisah Maria Sharapova .

Maria mula suka sukan tennis masa tahun pertama Perubatan .Sebab ada orang dekat Maria, main tennis nampak cool. So Maria pon main lah . Saja-saja , suka-suka . Maria memang tak reti duduk diam.

Petang-petang Maria pergi main dengan Bapak,dengan adik-adik yang lain . Maria cakap dekat Bapak ,
"Bagi Maria 2 tahun nak hebat macam Bapak " .

Makanye, Maria berlatih sungguh-sungguh.

Masa Maria tengah winter trip dekat Delhi , Maria check mukabuku . Ada orang tag nama Maria .
" Hope Maria Sharapova can rock the tennis court with Padini ".

Maria terkejut . Maria tak terfikir pon dapat "offer" nak main secepat tu .

Maria tanya Bapak . Maria tanya mak . Maria tanya Nadal.

Maria takut sebenarnya .

Maria takut kalah. Maria tak nak malu sorang-sorang tengah court . Tu alasan Maria.

Lepas hi-tea dengan Nadal, Djokovic , Serena dan ahli-ahli board yang lain, dengan rendah hati (tapi harapan tu tinggi) , Maria pon setuju . Maria setuju nak wakilkan rumah Hijau.

Sebulan Maria pergi dating dekat gelanggang tennis. Bapak teman.

Macam-macam drama berlaku dekat Maria dalam masa sebulan , dekat gelanggang . Sampai satu tahap Maria tak pergi "dating" dah . Maria stop terus. Maria nak tarik diri dari perlawanan.

Sampailah seminggu sebelum perlawanan Bapak pujuk Maria, Bapak suruh masuk . Bapak kata Bapak yakin Maria boleh main dengan baik. Bapak siap berkira-kira dalam kepala Bapak pihak lawan yang mana patut Maria kalahkan. Bapak , Bapak .

Dua hari sebelum bertanding :

Bapak bawak Maria pergi gelanggang sebenar untuk game nanti. Tapiiii, takde orang yang nak main dengan Maria. Maria tengok jelah Bapak main.

Bila rasa bosan dalam diri Maria dah makin menjadi-jadi, selamat ada dua orang jejaka tempe, budak Engineering katanya, ajak Maria lawan. Sorang namanya Alan , yang sorang lagi entahlah, Maria lupa . Maria main sungguh-sungguh, walaupun Maria cuak.

Bapak kata dia bangga tengok Maria main. Naik balik semangat Maria nak main untuk game nanti.

Lepas dah separuh baju lencun dengan peluh , datang lagi seorang lelaki. Badan agak besar, tapi muka ala-ala mat salleh . Ohh, baru Maria tahu yang dia sebenarnya coach mamat-mamat yang Maria lawan tadi . Emmm, patutlah . Coach suruh Maria proceed game. Ikut je lah. Mungkin coach nak test anak-anak didik dia . Atau mungkin coach tu nak test Maria ? Err

Lepas dah satu game, coach tu buat Maria ni macam anak didik dia jugak. Kene marah macam anak didik dia yang lain kene marah . Kene tegur pon sama. Tapi , dia puji Maria lebih sikit. Dia suka bagi semangat dekat Maria.

Tapi, lama-lama Maria tak tahan dah . Apa yang dia ajar Maria semua tak sama pon yang macam Bapak ajar Maria. Maria pon balik macam tu je.

Sehari sebelum bertanding :

Maria turun berlatih bola jaring pulak , sebab bola jaring pon ada game hujung minggu ni. Dah lah Maria tak pernah berlatih full court lagi sebab asyik ponteng . Dah lah Maria main posisi tengah . Manalah Maria nak tahu Maria semput ke tak nanti. Maria, Maria...

Tapiiii, Maria terjatuh lah pulak . Terhantuk dua-dua belah lutut. Tu lahh, Maria tak dengar Nadal pesan apa. Salah Maria.

Hari bertanding :

Maria cuak sangat sampai Bapak nampak yang Maria cuak . Bapak sangat positif dengan Maria. Yang paling Maria ingat , Bapak kata
" banyak lagi benda first time yang Maria akab lalui dalam hidup ni " .

Bapak bentangkan contoh-contoh bernas Bapak. Iyelahh Bapak.

Hari ni Maria ada 3 perlawanan. Mula-mula lawan rumah Kuning, lepas tu rumah Hitam dan rumah Ungu. Maria takut dan menggeletar macam apa . Bapak cool je sambil tenangkan Maria.

Game pertama , Maria lawan dengan rumah kuning. Dah lah rumah kuning hantar legend kampung Gokula. Lagi lah Maria cuak . Tapi Maria main je lah. Nasib Serina, Nadal, Djokovic dan Tanjung datang sokong Maria.

Sengit sangat game dengan rumah Kuning tu. Yelah, main dengan legend, mana tak nye. Masa final set , kaki Maria sakit. Sakit yang amat sangat . Tak pernah Maria rasa macam tu. Lepas serangan kali pertama, Maria sambung match, sebab final set kotttt. Yelah,Maria ingat Maria hebat . Maria cuba je lah tahan sakit tu.

Rupa-rupanya Maria ni lemah. Maria bukan robot, macam Nadal selalu cakap. Maria kene serangan kedua . Terus pihak pengadil suruh Maria tarik diri. Maria sedih .Maria nangis . Tapi Maria nangis sebab Maria kesian dekat Bapak. Maria kesian dekat rumah Hijau.

Tapi Maria tak boleh nak buat apa pon. Mariakan lemah. Maria bukan robot.

Maria ingatkan Maria dah kuat balik. Maria cakap dekat diaorang yang Maria nak main jugak game seterusnya lawan dengan rumah Hitam. Maria dah siap-siap dah spray ubat tahan sakit dekat kaki Maria, sampai hidung Maria pulak yang sakit.

Pukul 1230 pm kakak pengadil tanya Maria boleh main lagi ke tak? Maria kata Maria boleh . Maria semangat !

Maria nak buktikan dekat Bapak yang Maria boleh buat. Bapak pernah pasang impian nak tengok Maria kalahkan rumah Hitam. Jadinya, Maria tekad .

Maria main biasa-biasa je sebab panas sangat. Maria tak tahan . Tapi Maria dah nampak dah sinaran kemenangan. Dah nak tercapai dah impian Bapak tu. Satu set je lagi, mesti Bapak akan bangga dengan Maria.


Tiba-tiba, takde tanda dan symptoms apa-apa , Maria terjatuh, Maria terus terbaring atas court yang panas tu. Ramai orang berlari pergi dekat Maria. Tapi Maria tak ingat siapa, sebab sakit yang amat sangat. Kakak pengadil terus decide nak bawak Maria pergi hospital. Katanya, ni bukan sakit biasa-biasa .

Kakak pengadil telifon doktor.

Maria tunggu DR Amad dan DR Azam Lama , baru sampai. Masa tu, sakit dah tahap tak boleh tahan dah. Tangan Maria rasa kebas. Lepas tu terus kejang . Tak boleh gerak apa langsung. Mungkin tu lah rasa orang yang lumpuh . Maria nangis , sebab takut .

DR Amad dan DR Azam bawak Maria terus pergi unit kecemasan . Umi Aya dan Serina temankan Maria.

Makin kuat Maria nangis, sebab tak tahan. Lepas doktor periksa-periksa sambil mintak " case history" dekat Umi Aya, Serina dan dua orang DR tu, doktor terus inject Maria. Sakit, walaupun dekat gluteus maximus. Maria jerit .

Kakak nurse suruh Maria tidur. Maria tidur, sambil beg plastik tergantung dekat mulut. Rimas. Tapi Maria memang penat pon, Maria terus tidur. Sedap, sebab ada orang urut .


Maria tersedar. Terus Maria kata Maria nak balik. Maria dah sihat. Maria suruh panggil doktor, biar Maria sendiri cakap dekat doktor.

Doktor membebel dekat Maria . Maria tadah telinga je lah.

Doktor-doktor yang dua orang tu pon bawak lah Maria balik kampung Gokula semula.

Esoknya, Maria tak dapat nak main bola jaring .

Tahun depan, Maria berazam nak jadi sehebat Maria Sharapova !

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Its already past my bed time , yet i am still half awake. Why ? Because my lasagna is still in the oven. Yes , LASAGNA :)

To bake lasagna, it requires a really high temperature upto 450C whilst this lil' oven of mine can only heat up to 250C(which actually more than enough to bake a cake). And for that, i have to doubled up the time , which up till now it almost took 2 hours ! Tak pernah dalam sejarah buat lasagna 2jam!

To flavour up the "Baking in India " story of mine , let me tell you something. My little comel oven is currently doing its job in my bedroom. Yessss, bedroom ! The plug just couldnt fit into the ordinary size plug in the kitchen, and for the reason that only God knows, the only plug that it can fit into is in my room. Hoihh

And for that, i will be having a super special lullaby from the ticking of the oven and also a special aroma therapy from the smells of cheese to put me into my dreamworld.

Will leave the oven to do the rest .

Bangun pagi esok boleh saparan terus . Yayyyy

Assalamualaikum and goodnight .

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Even seasons change

6th Oct 12'

" Just like all the seasons ,
Never stay the same ,
All around me ,
I can feel a change "

- Bruno Mars : Today my life begins

Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hye awak yang sweet , yang macho , yang romantik , yang tersangatlah random , yang gila , yang happy go lucky , yang sensitif , yang bijak dan yang yang yang yang lain .

Hye awak yang dah buat jalan hidup Qla selama setahun macam jalan cerita sebuah drama walaupun tanpa hero macho idaman kalbu. Tapi awak tetap watak utama .

Hye awak yang dah ajar Qla hidup sebenar seorang dewasa walaupun kalau ikut tahun lahir , Qla sepatutnya lebih dewasa. Tapi awak sangat matang .

Hye awak yang ... Macam-macamlah .

Ye awak .

Macam-macam drama kita dah buat . Tapi mungkin awak tak perasan yang kita sebenarnya sedang melakonkan watak yang hampir sama, aksi yang hampir sama , mungkin juga baris-baris skrip yang sama . Sebab pengarahnya kan sama . Mungkin awak tak perasan . Yela, tak semua scene dalam drama tu akan ditayangkan , kan ? Ada jugak behind the scene nya . Tapi tak mengapa . Kita simpan buat pengajaran. Olahan pelakon terhadap watak juga mungkin berbeza. Emosi main peranan .

Lepas ni harus lebih bijak pilih watak .