Thursday, February 21, 2013

Place to dine-in in Bangalore

Well, i think this will be my very first food-logue. I know im not an expert to talk about the the texture of the food, is it perfectly spice up or what. I dont cook that much , i knowwwww.

But hey, i love to eat. I swear i eat a lot these days, like A LOT and tend to have a never ending craving list. So might as well i share the greet feelings to be fed with good foods with you people out there.

12th Jan 2013 - Chutney Chang

Located at MG Road, Chutney Chang offers you buffet with 50 + varieties that you will want to try every each of the food served. Since it is a buffet, i think i would love to share my "strategies" so that you will not surrender a little too early and waste your penny without any full satisfaction.

1. Start with dessert. Seriously ! Enjoy the sweetness, creamy and all for as much as you want. Once you are full and plan to have your dessert for your last meal, you will never enjoy "DESSERT" as you wish . The only thing you are dying for at that time is simply plain cold mineral water . After all, oh come on, it is a buffet and not a corporate dinner or what that you have to eat accordingly , mannerly.

2. A NO NO to start with rice. Only take rice towards the end of your meal.

3. Dont rush ! Just have in mind that you've paid to dine in there , so you have the right to linger around a bit longer. Have some "rest" in between the meal.

For Muslims, bare in mind to read the description about the food before you eat as there are some that may contain alcohol/wine.

Approximately  Rupee 500 (RS 500) per 1 person when compared to the amount of food serve , i think it is a wise 'investment' for food lovers .

Anddd ohhh, they have chocolate fountain !

My favorite dish will be their fish dishes ( i don't remember the name , sorry ) and their special dim sum. Something you shouldn't missed out .

And not to forget to make a reservation ! This is a must !

My rate : 3.5 - worth trying

16th Feb 2013 - Fat Buddha

I super duper love this place . The first time we stepped into this little place, i was likeeee
"is this for R-E-A-L" . High class and romantic, yeah that's the words. The served Malaysian's , Indonesian's , Japanese's , Thai's and few others that i don't bother to remember as i saw in the menu that they have satay ayam . Weee. They even have nasi kerabu (a modern one i swear as they put in broccoli  LOL and don't expect there is any budu !) , gado-gado and what more . Just go and try lah ! But i would love to recommend you their Thai food . They are simply YUMMYYYYYH. ohh and try also their mocktail . Super yummmyh !

(we already asked if they served halal food, and they said yes, halal cut . In case you are still in doubt, give them a call and ask politely )

My rate : 4 - based on their classy and romantic ambiance and of course the foods we ordered.

17th Feb 2013 - Savoury Specialist Arabic

As the name itself, it's time for Mandhi Rice , my all time favorite. Didn't expect there is any real Arabic restaurant nearby to full-filed my craving . And i bet they offer you ridiculously cheappppp price for that kind of supper yummyhhhh foods. The taste was authentic .

My favorite will be their Lamb Mandhi Rice , prawn something-something ( see i have problem to remember foods name, sorry ) , their 3 layers smoothie (kiwi, mango and berries) and also strawberry smoothie. A MUST MUST MUST try ! or else, just stay at home and eat Maggie . LOL

 My rate : 4.5 - based on foods only

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