Saturday, October 20, 2012


Its already past my bed time , yet i am still half awake. Why ? Because my lasagna is still in the oven. Yes , LASAGNA :)

To bake lasagna, it requires a really high temperature upto 450C whilst this lil' oven of mine can only heat up to 250C(which actually more than enough to bake a cake). And for that, i have to doubled up the time , which up till now it almost took 2 hours ! Tak pernah dalam sejarah buat lasagna 2jam!

To flavour up the "Baking in India " story of mine , let me tell you something. My little comel oven is currently doing its job in my bedroom. Yessss, bedroom ! The plug just couldnt fit into the ordinary size plug in the kitchen, and for the reason that only God knows, the only plug that it can fit into is in my room. Hoihh

And for that, i will be having a super special lullaby from the ticking of the oven and also a special aroma therapy from the smells of cheese to put me into my dreamworld.

Will leave the oven to do the rest .

Bangun pagi esok boleh saparan terus . Yayyyy

Assalamualaikum and goodnight .

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