Sunday, February 22, 2009


hye2...tgh excited...(can u feel tht??)
nk ckp psl mimpi..i had a great feedbacks from my frnds psl post mimpi..

this is MOON's comment..

"qla..mun mimpi jumpe adlin aman ramli..n last week i saw mun xminatt dia la.pasni mimpi david cook ;D ahha"

so...i will meet THT GUY IN MY DREAM SOON?????...hope so..pray for me ppl..
moon..jom mmpi david cook..aku sanggp madu ngn ko klo ngn david cook..plzz..haha

DEYLA'S comment

"kan aku dh kate byk kali dahko akan kawen awalu are born to get marriedits ur destiny!dont wori laur husband will be rich, old(but nsem) and a politician ;p"

dear dla..aku x nk politician..if possible la..n klo blyh..diff age area 4-5 thn jer...not to old..plzla

DIDIE'S comment

"i agree ngn deyla..mcm uncle kt kenduri kawen opinion,,sometimes it can happen..sometimes mmg mainan tido...but if its a good one..bleh jewr hold on to jgn arh 100% pnye hold kn..kang x jd pape...sket2 bleh arh..."

ughhh...klo uncle yg time wedd tu...x nk la...kaye camne pown i x nk..tlgggggg...n i dont really berharap my mimpi will jd kenyataan..but if so..WOWOWWWWW...i'm da happiest person

DEEYA'S comment

"me too! me too!smlm kte mimpi gaki hugged so manyguys last nite~in the dream la..comel2 plak tuahaha!just a dream ok!"

so many guys???wow..jgn tamak..share ngn org laen gk...

BABY'S comment

"ahaha.comel je qlah nie.well, mimpi...sumtimes mmpi tu btol kdg2 tah org tua kate mainan tdo. haha.ok bby mrepek ;"

qla hope mimpi nie btl...=)

FASHU'S comment

"mimpi tu mayb ade makne,bt in fture la la pape bout x psychologist buat rsearch psl mimp ;DD"

x pe..qla bleyh tnguu..kan still mude lg nie..=)

REDZWAN'S comment

"haha..ade kala mimpi boley jd realiti....usahakan je tak..dusshh!!"


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