Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lover or friends??

  • Be careful of the choices you make, because some choices we make in vain, and we can never change them or make them right, we have to live the rest of our lives wondering why?. Everything you do changes your life in someway. So choose wisely!

  • Maybe Edward's and Bella's love was real....because some day u will love someone so much that you will do anything to keep them happy.... even if it kills you ..

  • Never look back at past relationships and expect something to change. Learn from the past and prepare for the future. You already know what happened in the past so look at the future cause its always changing.

  • And its all about that one person...just that one person :)

  • But if i fall in love with you, i just might lose our friendship

  • Love is but an immortal rose, and a flame which never dies and words which do not fade

  • Good try but you're not him and you'll never be, I'm sorry.

  • Love is giving someone the power to destroy you and trusting them not to.

  • When you're around i dont tend to look at you. but when you're out of sight, i start searching for you like a lost child.

  • ...the best things come from nowhere and have no high expectations...they just happen and no words can explain it, we don't know why or how it happened. all we know is that it happened for a reason and we need to cherish it and not let it slip away...