Tuesday, February 24, 2009

my TASTE........

this is more or less smtng tht i love n looking for..somthning that will attract me more on da opp sex..


  • atheletic guy..rugby,football,futsal or even just on da track..they look cool(stevn gerrard?)
  • someone who can play guitar or drum...they're surely a sweet guy(andy-estrange)
  • a person who dont really use too jiwang or berbunga2 words...ewwww
  • someone who can express their feeling directly n w/out doubt
  • taller than me..that's for sure..make me feels safer..am i right girls??
  • clean-shaved...klo ade sikit2 tu acceptable lg la..but jgn sampi cover half or ur face!!yucksss
  • NO B.O
  • understand me better than others
  • respect my privacy
  • knows how to fashion..(awal ashaari)
  • can sing(but nt a true singer) x kesah x sedap..as long he's sincere singing tht for me it's ok
  • i loves guys yg paki kemja stripes to work..ala..it's kind like trend to them lately..kemeja stripes with dark clrs..(can u imagine wht i mean) n wthout a tie..hihi
  • guys who loves to wear sneakers...sgt sempoi n bergaya
  • hates mat rempit...ever
  • they know how to approach a girl in a correct ways
  • romantic ,sweet(like rob pattson..)huhhu
  • someone who loves to do outdoors xtvts
  • tough body..(smthng like david cook will do)
  • sweet smile(coz i dont really smile perfectly) exmple:zac efron..cant deny that
  • can makes me laugh n feels happy all the time(or at least when needed)
  • can write songs or poem(but tis is not so compulsory).if he can..then it will be a bonus for me=)
  • loves shopping
  • has a great hairstyle(i mean x la like a nerd person)n x panjang!!
  • loves making surprise
  • can jokes

hmm..ini semua hnya angan2 n idaman..i bet all girls want da same thngs too..right??ape2 pown doa jer la we'll get da best person in future..

ade pape nk tmbh...bgtaula..mayb qla ade lupe pape ker..

***ttibe teringat time ustz sabri suruh list out ciri2 laki/pmpuan idaman..die cite..klo ustaz yg suruh pelajar buat mnde ni...sure sume jawapan nk "isteri/suami yg soleh/solehah" ,"kuat iman" ,dll

***tp klo ckgu bio yg suruh buat mnde nie..sure jwpn die"handsome","kaye","romantik"dll



  1. btl2..kn best kalau such a perfect guy mcm yg kite idamkan exist...*sighs

  2. babe!!!!
    asal xdek pnjg lg??!!!!
    takowt nnt guys nk approach u taw!!
    kasi pndek sket list..
    kesian dyeorg..
    spe2 yg die-hard-fan yg fancy u trpkse print out da list..
    i stuju gak ngn list u nieh...
    all in all kire perfecto guy larh dye nieh kn..
    every girlz dream..
    am i ryte???

  3. haha sengall pulak ustz sabri...

    agaga..kte agak bertentangan ennn...

    * i like guys yg ade jambang ckit..bkan mcm bai roti eaaa..huhu

    *xske laki yg maen muzik..tp nyanyi ok

    *xnak athletic guy..kbnyakannye angkuh...tp ta sume..sory atlit2 haha

    *tp mun nyer top funny lahh ;]

    *plus2 mun ske yg mate mengancam..ahha tergode beb!

    ~david cook...huuuuuuuu

  4. Yayayah~
    i hate mat rempit too!
    i wonder if wawa is a
    mat rempit..
    xkowt..anak doc~

  5. seems like u want a metrosexual guy
    oh qila oi! taller than u is not enuf
    they must be TALL. rob pattinson is TALL.
    din is taller than u. so who wuld u choose??