Tuesday, February 17, 2009

sgt JEALOUS...

hye2..this is smthng so sweet..=)

ptg td..my maid was watching her indon drama..not vry sure the tittle..qla tompang tgk while having my dinner..

"i thnk it's a typical love story..smthing like cinta dua darjat..the guy is a rich n town man..while the girl is like kampung-ish skit..so they feel in love with each other althougt the guy's family x suke n halang.but they just live their life like other happy couples..n yet the girl is staying at the guy's house(or should i say it's a mansion!)..**rumah indon yg dlm tv tu kan sume bapak besar..kalah rumah raje.lol

so during the girl's bday...the guy naek HELICOPTER..while the girl is standing at the balcony..so the helicopter tu berlegar2 la kat compound mansion tu..after that..the guy taburkan petals of red roses from the air ...isnt that sweet..just wishing the same thing will happen to me for my 18h bday..(walaupun sedar it will nvr happen..sob2)..then later..die throw down the ground 1 jmbngan bunge...lg la sweet"

dush..damn sweet..

klo x silap..PRICE WILLIAM had done the same thing to KATE MIDDLETON...bapak bertuah pompuan nie...=) jeles2345678

back to the story..at the end..the helicopter crash down..lol..lps tu x tau ape jd..esok tgk ape jd..tp sure la x mati kn laki tu..mn ade fairytale prince die mati..knkn

******seriously..to be frank..i'm not da type of girl yg GILE kat red roses..white can consider la..but i do prefer lily thn roses..tp klo dh dpt from hot prince chrming ..sape yg x lompat kegumbiraan kn..haha


  1. ptt la flowers
    time grad lily..
    lily kn??
    ke kte slh tgk?

  2. aha btul2.lily lg best dr red roses kottt.

  3. babe..
    pape pown...
    u jgn g lompat dpn2 prnce charming u plak...
    laen jdnyer nnt..
    x mnahan...

    psal cter endon uh..
    i bru nk ckp alahai sweeeeeetnyer..
    satgi crash kn..