Thursday, February 5, 2009

sweet momories as a fifth former=)

kenangan terindh time form five..
here..i wld like to flashback some sweet memories with my dear 509..

to ppl out threre(509)..this is specially fr u..=)

k..i'll start with our cnfssion night..da night kte kene kjr by ustzh,,n da girls lari x ingt dunia tht time..kene lecak..sorok kat surau..haha ..n guys ingt x..there's still few yg x smpt cnfs..incldng u wnt me to cnfss nw..haha..x yh la...

tht's enough with "malam yg sedih" i'll bring u back to malam bbq..k

now..lets move on to RAYA..

**will b cntinued..there's more pix waitng=)

love 509~~

1 comment:

  1. ello mak cik..
    kt i x tringat kewr arh???