Tuesday, March 31, 2009

memang x de keje...=)

nie antare result2 ku frm quiz merepek kat fb....

lawak,mengarut n merepek...tp best..hahaa

When Will You Get Married?

According to the Wedding Algorythm, You Will Marry In: 1 YEAR AND 9 MONTHS

(nxt yr eyh kawan2..hhaaha..MEREPEK!!)

What type of person is likely to fall for you?

A hottie: Your laid back personality, confidence in what you say and believe, and sense of humor and good sense style will attract a hottie right away

What do u smell like to the cullens


Edward:"MMMMM,i think i'm in love all over again!"(yeah..blyh mgorat edward lbh skit lps nie..)

Jasper:"you smell a lot like bella,ahhh


Alice:"I love the way you smell!"

Roasalie: "too much like bella

Would you make a good parent?

Perfect!.You are the perfect parent! You don't let you're kid get away with too much, but are still pretty cool!..

(haaha..bngge anak2 ku nnt..cheyyh)

When will you get married?

Average 23-29 Years.

Who Is Your Soulmate?

Belongs With Someone With Rhythm..Your future lover should be someone with talent. Someone who can juggle your busy schedule and make it work. You guys have something extremely important in your life in common.

Whats your Fashion Style?

Your Style Is Preppy..You like to look nice, clean & put together all the time, and thats not a bad thing at all. You have a style that keeps you looking smart!

whats the first letter of the person you will fall in love with?

and the result is M..

(wht muhd??)

Who is the Boy of Your Dreams?

zac efron

(yeay..i like..)

Does somebody like you?

and the result is Yes!.


okok..thts all fr now...haaha...jom bwt quiz lg...=)

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