Monday, March 16, 2009

wrong date la...

woowieeee....sgt2 happy...
haha..mcm tahun2 sblm nie...msti ader je org yg slh date bday qla...every yr without missd..haha..but x pe..coz that shows tht they remember,concern bout me..n nnt dpt 2 kali wish from them..bgs2..

so hari nie..dh 2 wishes qla from my classmates(tgb)..sorng lagi from long-missed frnd...since die msk U dh jarang contact..ade la..sometime..but very rarely..he's a guy..

huhhuuu..happy coz die still ingt lg bday qla..ok..wlpn in advance..x pe..nnt sure on da exact date he'll wish lg kn...haha..ngade glr qla nie kn..he asked me wht kind of present i wish for from him..huhu...qla x demand pape la from long die ikhlas nk bagi ok la kn...n he asked me to elaborate more about me so tht he can decide wht suit me..haha..ape2 jer la die nie...=)

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