Thursday, April 2, 2009

ade ape dlm handbag?

5 things in my bag:
school bag??aha..okok..handbag..



>>hand lotion


>>car keys(if im drivng la ye)

5 things in my wallet:


>>indon n hongkong cash(saje..klo ade indon kidnap qla,so

die blyh amek duet indon tu..x yah gy money changer)


>>P n L n card matrix(blyh gune time gy x de expired date..wee)

>>bank card ku

5 favourite things in my bedroom:


>>cd2 ku

>>bantal peluk

>>red rocking chair

>>almari bajuuuuu

5 things I wish to do :

>>tgk wayang

>>ym with ""

>>berani drive sndiri

>>loss weight tp x yah diet


5 things I’m doing now :

>>completing this tag from zeck

>>hoping for somethng to happen immediately

>>tgk diari af

>>drafting essay


people I would like to tag:
>>sume orggggg

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