Sunday, April 19, 2009

can i have them??plzz

after a fashion-jealousy -potpet with durrah this morning,we've decided for another shopping-day out together.and ths coming day-out theme is "shoes-hunting-day-out" ..=) =) =)

hopefully we manage to get ourself atleast a pair of new sandal..hhohoo

after ths is back to school time..that mean there's no way of shopping anymore!!!!!!!!

i cant find da pix of sandal that i'm looking for..but looks like those sandals below..smthng like gladiator-wedges ..dont wnt flat sandals...IM SHORT!!


  1. wah, habslah spe kawen ngan die..
    nnt pokai!~
    haha.. =D

  2. oi2..
    mn ade..
    qla tahu berjmt crmt jge taw
    believe me ye !!

  3. gaga haritu ade jumpe gladiator kat mid!
    cantek gle wooo
    *moon nak bli crocs la..,then br gladiator weheeee