Tuesday, April 28, 2009

MAY is coming!!

may is coming...events i'm looking for>>>

1)1st mei = UPU!!!!(bagi la saye uia..tlg2)
2)2nd mei = izzan's bday(owh ya..david bckhm as well)
3)10th mei = mother's day
4)11th mei = matrix registration(N9..woowoo...1st mei will decide whtr im going or not)
5)sumewhere in 3rd week of mei = PILN MARA result(ireland plzz..amin~~)

currently im thinking of wht to buy for the coming mother's day..any suggestion my fnrd??

wht will u buy for ur mom??OR wht have u done/ gave to ur mom for the previous mom's day??share la..

i've come acrss few ideas that can be consider as a present..tp sume dh x ingt time buat post nie..aiyaa...tu la...lame sgt memanjakn otak..cmne la bile start blaja nnt..sure lem*ab(pls god..xmau2)

ps>baby srry cant make it tmrw..hve fun k..nxt time b4 u fly kte kluar..shppng puas2 okey =)

ps2>to wani n baby yg dh nk kene msk "kandang" blk ths sunday...wish u guys gd lck..

ps3>wani..harap "keje jahat n naughty" kite mlm nie x de org tau...hheeehe

ps4>sape nk pegi shppng for mom's day..ajak qla..hehe..since my shppng buddy(BABY sayang) is no longer available starting nxt week..

~~~owh..this is one of the idea tht i've been thinking of..mak suke lily(klo x silap la..tp rsenye x silap kot)..A TABLE BOUQUET OF WHITE LILIES..nie klo dh btl2 x jmpe hadiah laen la..+ i love lily too


  1. hrmmmm ape eyk???
    breakfast in bed?

  2. haha ajak shopping je qilah nih! (;
    ak kasik msg jer *agaga.
    sbab dlu2 kan dok hostel

  3. mother's day ea??
    urm..btol2..breakfast in bed..
    then, g dinner stu famili.. :)
    yg cter awal2 kat tv2..

  4. lily pon ok wat..
    xpon beli handbag..
    qla belanje ur mom la..

  5. ku:haaha
    qla rse she had engh hanbags dh..
    its a NO fr anthr handbg and all those related stuff..
    die baru je shpng hndbag last wk..haaha

    btw..tx fr da ideas dear

    D n temah:haaha..i dont thnk i can accpt tht..since she wake up much more earlier thn me..silap2 die yg hntr brkfst in bed fr me(in not calebrating mom's day okey!)haaha

    appreciate the idea=)

  6. mothers daY??
    bg..susah gak nk pikir..
    binatang peliharaan boley?

    ea..ak perasan kot ko ponteng,,hehe

  7. haaa.moge2 dpt UIA :)
    sukee bungee.
    mne tau qila bole try bli silver bracelet/
    mak fshu suke je silver ni :)
    ta tau mak qila suke ke ta.