Saturday, May 30, 2009

im so proud of myself!

today,hazirah n me went to complex 3C fr a cooking n crystal accessory was actually a last minute plan which turn out to be a fun yet beneficial day out =D

the baby steps started here ;D

in the class.there were 6 of us including the teacher.n we r the only VIRGIN there..ahah..
*** there rest were makcik2

MINE.."chronology" frm left to right.u can see the diff..=D


other examples

enough with the crystal accessory we move on to the cooking class.
**rase mcm housewife berjaya time kt cooking clss tu since kita 2 je "anak dara"

the chef was "hoho"=D

what i learned today;D

spicy seafood soup

Farfalle with chicken curry sauces


irish bread butter pudding

bukti i went to those class ok!!nt to those class ok!!

ps>>next week we plan to go to anther cooking class,manik class n also a DANCE CLASS!!!

ps>>anthr 1 month to start college baru discover BENDE BERGUNA.I WASTED MY 6 MONTHS!!rugi!

ps>>im proud of myself!!


  1. teringin nak rase irish bread butter pudding~

  2. fuh..chef2 cam hot je..
    len kali klu ko g class dia ag, usha2 ar cket ntok ak..
    besnya korang~~
    until now ak still lg x dpt nk crik hobi yg berguna..

  3. qla!!!!!!!!!! nk join jugak... bestnye u guys.. da benanah my butt dok rmh taw... nk bwt bnde yg fun2, xde kwn yg dkt2 nk join....huhu...sdey2...

  4. wah, bagoz2. nnt kalau nk masuk any classes, ajak i taw! hehe. :D

  5. waaa,,
    so prOud of u meh...
    bgus gler..aku ade gak g kls masak..
    kat umah jerp,,hahaha

  6. you should have! hahah..sabar ye,maybe 6 bulan kalo buat bende berguna nnt boring pulang,baik lambat2 skit.. :p