Tuesday, June 2, 2009

my first official

as planned,today hazirah ,aween n me went to 3C complex(yea.again!) for the manik class.pstt..i drove my car!!yeay.manage to drive to sunway dh..


guess who we met there??

former AF teacher.SITI HAJAR.

die mcm interested nk follow one of the clss there too.n ktorg were placed in the same room for some kind of briefing about the class.cool.then,die pon ade la cakap2 a lil' bit to us.ckp we shld take the clss la cz we r stll young,bleyh buat bussiness la..n so on.friendly.x garang like what we watched in af.
*i watched evry sngle episode of diari af ok!!*

back to the manik class.

we didnt attend the class today since we didnt even bring "the stuffs".apelagi.since kereta ade.we went to Subang Parade.we met Juliana Martika(JU).she's now working at Reject Shop.visit la die ye;D nk makan but aween puase.GLORIA 50%!durrah jom!!owh yea.we met ALYA LIYANA.plan asal nk pegi Uitm visit alya today.but last minute cancelled .luckily we met her there=D

in the car,aween n hazirah talked about accidents that they experienced recently.dah la both accidents happened at SP CAR PARK!bertambah la my ke"alert-an" while driving tadi.takottt ooo.luckily nothng happen.just a small prob while parking.TQ aween yg jaga tepi time nk parking;D

ps>>hazirah n me dh fikir of wht to do bile bersara..ahah.bussiness!!!

ps>>SP was my first official mall i drove without my parents supervision!!


  1. huhu
    best + syok giler

    tuh baru jumpa siti hajar
    kalu jumpa akin lagi gempak

  2. qla..
    best nyer join kelas2 girlish nih.haha..
    kite pandai jahit manik kat baju jek.. huuhuu.. =]

  3. yaa~congrats2,,

    suda bawak kete g mall..


  4. tahnia sebab dapat drivee!! ayo, nie yang jeless nie! :p so,we're even?

    p/s : ayo.. gambar tu sume lighting,sebab tu nampak cerah,padahal tak pown.. :p

  5. first official witout parents..bwahaha..inspiring syiakk dgr ayat nie~

  6. huhu..first official mall ak mp..
    tp,,er,,cam bk gak coz time parking akak ak tolong..
    ak kuar dr keta..
    so, mknanya..
    ak blom ade first official mall ag!!