Sunday, June 21, 2009

Malaysian students urged to consider India

KUALA LUMPUR: Malaysian students looking to study abroad may want to consider India as an option.

Those who are interested can visit the two-day India Education Fair at the Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur, which opened yesterday.

Twenty-six colleges and universities from India are participating in the exhibition.

Scholarships and subsidies are also available to students, depending on their academic qualifications.

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk S.K. Devamany, who launched the event, said while the fair aimed to have Malaysian students look at study options in India, the Government also looked forward to have more overseas private colleges build their campuses here.

Devamany said industry players should be aware of the opportunities that Malaysia have to offer and take advantage of them.

“Instead of travelling afar to Europe, students from India can come to Malaysia, where the cost of living is lower,” he said.

“The same applies to Malaysian students who are looking for alternative education options,” he added.

India offers a wide variety of courses, including engineering, applied science, pharmacy, medicine and dentistry.

Industry player Dr C. Vijayakumar said: “An engineering student spends about US$20,000 (RM70,000) on tuition fees per year to study in Europe.

“But it only costs about US$5,000 (RM17,500) to further one’s study in India.”

Career talks and free consultations are also available at the fair.



  1. yeah, ak dah bce blog ikin
    die pn g situ jgak

  2. qila, are you sure u akan dapat india?? blom lagi kan? hope for the best darl! i'm sure u dah cemerlang,boley apply mane2 je uni yang top2! :)

  3. yeaH!!
    kite akan jd kaye di sanE!!!
    itu yg pentinG!

    xpe..ak dh check tmpt2 kat india..
    jgn pndg rendah kat india...
    northern india ade snow..(eg:manali xsilap ak)..
    ade taj mahal..
    new delhi..
    mcm2 r..mmg cuti2 india kite nnt..

  4. haha.. ni yg semangat gile.. qla patut bold yg dentistry tu jugak. heeeeeeeeee..:D yep. redha2.