Monday, June 29, 2009

for the last time(kot)

today,DURRAH,BABY,DYANA n ME went for another so called outing.
**konon for the last time b4 im off to KMS n to cheer up Durrah.

First,we headed to Pak Li kopitiam for brunch.

Durrah>>mee udang
Baby>>nasi ayam lemon
Me>>fish n chips

then,we went to baby's mom's nk set her hair

this is what we call "menCURI RAMBUT"

later,jemput Dyana at UITM n makan cendol,laicikang n ABC

**1st pair of A n D
**2nd pair of A n D

lepass kekenyangan.we went to this one area which is baby's fav spot for lepak-ing n pic-taking
(atas bukit n depan istana.believe this people!!)

ps>>dyana tadi was ur last time ddk front seat!!ahahahha..
ps>>for more pixs,visit my FB


  1. hahaha. thnks syg 4 th great day ;p
    xpe xpe.nnt qlah cuti kite kuar lgi.
    muahhhhhx ;p