Saturday, September 19, 2009

sape kate raye kat bandar tak best(vol 3)

sape kate raye dekat subang tak best??
seriously best
ade orang main mercun yg macam time merdeka n new year tu

home-made ketupat.
every year qla try belajar anyam
but failed
tapi,there are improvement every year!
this year i managed to anyam half way(bangge)

tibe-tibe jadi baik malam raya.pakai jubah oohh

since this is our first year of raya at subang,so we invited
"orang2 surau" to do takbir at our house.
(cube bayangkn nanti bile dh kat oversea.sure sedih dengar takbir kn)

After they hd done "takbir" at my house,they went to
Joe Flizow's parents house(neighbour actually)
**took this pic from my bro

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