Wednesday, November 25, 2009

perempuan biaselah

is there anyone out there yg willingly nak bagi hadiah / surprise to me tshirt I LOVE JACOB or maybe IM TEAM JACOB ???

duhh.maybe i hve to go to the kedai print baju and ask that person to print one for me
"uncle saye nak baju tulis I LOVE JACOB " pathetic.i knoooowww

i bet im acting like other twi-hard out there.regardless they are in team jacob or team edward(lol.did i mention jacob first??no bias.)when it comes to this crystal-shinning vampire and the hot-half naked warewolf this is what will happen.the girls will go gaga but the boys will act the other way round.JEALOUS?? maybe. =D

btw.i hate myself when i get myself obsess into certain be frank, i'm a type of girl who easily get obsessed into one particular thing.and it will dragged me up to a certain stage of "gaga" where me myself cant really control it.believe this!!kalau boleh nak semua benda yang ade kene mengena dengan benda tu.poster,cd,tshirt,mags,concert,semua info psl die n etc.and i think, my family especially my father and sis aware of this because they will normally grant my wish(not all but MOST);D.

nak contoh??
  1. last year abah bought me ticket to watch HSM Disney on Ice.siap bagi extra pocket money suruh beli barang HSM!
  2. dibenarkan pergi tgk AF final walaupun balik tgh malam.eyh pagi lahh.kan Dyana knn
  3. my sis bought me tshirt HSM yg ori for my bday
  4. banyak lagiiii laaahhh pon perempuan kan.qla sure lah sume perempuan suke benda-benda HOT,COMEL,CUTE,ROMANTIC niee..sureeee sgt ;D

ps:adibah noh.saye sangat jealous dengan anda!


  1. i luv romantic, cute stuffs but i dunno why m not into twilight :p

  2. lol
    jgn lah jeles2 nti kte buat tshirt huntg okayh?? :D