Sunday, November 29, 2009

perlu baju

i seriously need to shop for a new clothes.
everytime nak keluar mesti rase macam dah tak de baju nak pakai
tapi mak selalu complaint kate almari macam dah nak roboh =(
so k, sbb for now semangat nak shopping tu belum climax lagi
tnggu after aimi habis spm.siaplah point here is actually idk what to wear for tomorrow.not that im going out for a special date or going to IJN(yes!Institut Jantung Negara) for my CAS scared i will overdress.or maybe my dressing doesnt suit the activity that will be held .saye tak de baju jeans ok??ke slack?we'll c tmmrw which baju yang berjaya goda i pagi esok..
i always hate first day!

ps:esok aimi exam lck sis!!!!!
ps:this is funny.sumeone called me qiqi(not Kiki .thats Shakila Amira).its kinda weird because i used to hve a schoolmate name qiqi and he's a guy!