Tuesday, November 24, 2009

school's out

final sem finally ended
last paper-BM,the question was somewhat a lil' bit expected
tapi x sure lah jawapan same macam answer scheme ke tak
TX to Zamira aka Zaza for brain storming the question with us yesterday =D

Happy??of course lah.home sweet home people.and the best thing is school's out!!!but one thing i'll miss the most is my current addiction activity.haaha.sta***ing =D opss.

here are the list of activities that i've plan and wish to work on
  • CAS at IJN ( 30th nov to 3rd dec)
  • shopping for Aimi's prom dress
  • finish up The Host and Ketika Cinta Bertasbih 2
  • finish up reading the 3 novels for Malay A1 next sem(huhhh!even Ranjau pon x habis baca)
  • start thinking about EE
  • NEW MOON!!!!owh yeah.nak bace new moon for the second time b4 heading to the cinema.is there anyone yg nk temankan???
  • day dreaming ;D
  • nak pegi High School Musical yg dekat KLCC tu plzzzzz
p/s: i bet i'll put on weight this hols.seriously.even fisrt day balik pon dh tak blyh control makan.
p/s:nk add die ke x?


  1. the host the korean movie tu ek? that one best. klaka. or is it a book or somewhat