Wednesday, December 16, 2009

kakakkkkkk ku

today,officially after 18 years,my familly will no longer having a maid in our house =(first time tak de maid okkkkkay.
kenapa??because my parents think that theres no use paying a maid when there's just 2/3 person staying in the anak2 die semua dah BESAR and studying in a boarding next year,there will be just mak and abah dekat rumah.

i dont really mind.sebab duduk asrama semua kene buat sendiri.**except masak.tapi during hols,qla lah kene jadi so-called-maid.

well,this is just to share with u about her.we call her kakak.been working with my family since qla 20 DAYS old .believe this.ktorg tak pernah tukar maid.she'll be working with my cousin somewhere in damansara.but still under my mom's name as her majikan.luckily tak jauh so we can meet her whenever we want year we'll go and visit her family at Surabaya (hopefully plan tak cancel) and she already planned where she wants to bring us jalan-jalan.and shopping of coz =D

goshhhh.sannnngat jealous tengok pixs PD trip Amie.i know that mom still think im her lil girl yang tak boleh keluar jauh2 with my friends.but i tot 18 years old is big enough for me to at least have some fun with my friends.and bukannye selalu.enough.i bet she has her own and better reason for point fr me to membebel more.

ps>>i miss alllllll my classmates.korang buat lah reunion area2 KL je...jom2
ps>>nk picnic.anyone??

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