Friday, December 18, 2009

wasiat from paan

got to admit that im missing my former classmates(409/509 mrsm tgb 07/08).serious badly.

this evening,aimi and i were facing our climax state of boredom when i come up with an idea to watch some video in youtube.but i dont really have something in mind of what to aimi said "cari lah pasal mrsm ko" since minutes before that we watched a video by TGB's SRC 08/09. cooooool gile.

so i typed

scroll down

Paan lahh
it was a video during Raya calebration.some sort of Paan's wasiat (like what Fadia said).
and if im not mistaken,im the one yang record or maybe other person record but using my camera.
tapi sayannnnng.both my pendrive yg ade semua memory dekat TGB hilllllanggg =(=(=(

i really wish i can upload the vidoe here
but mls nk install youtube dwloader balik(laptop saye baru reformat!!)
so here n here u go.have fun refreshing our mamory back to our high school year ;D

ps>sudah ade skype =D

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