Tuesday, December 15, 2009

are u a good sister?

aqilah adnan is indeed not a good sister!
seriously.i've been giving a "not-so-go0d" example to my siblings.
few months back,i've influenced my lil brother in getting him started with FB.
and now,he totally gt addicted to it!!
bangun pagi bukak laptop login fb.
tengah hari online fb.
nak tido pon online fb dulu.
ish.and this "not-so-good" example has spread to my other brother and sis.
and during that time, my sis yg tgh busy for her SPM trial pon sempat create her FB account
this dnt really affect me tho.but them.gaduh nk gune laptop while im happily login fb anytime tanpe diganggu ;D **evil laugh**

and today,i "share" my other obsession with my sister.
habislah die tulis every inch of movement dalam rumah nie.(yeah again.blame me for this)

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