Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Leadership Camp late update

Told u b4 kan that i went to Kem Kepimpinan at Taman Malaysia Seremban.Although at first i half heartedly pergi,but now i can proudly say that im lucky to be choosen to participate the camp.I LEARNED ALOT!i'll keep and savour every moment there.

1st day
we had some activities during the ice breaking.the first activity was fun.we were given so called sticker coins and were asked to paste it on our forehead.then the councelor will state out certain amount of money and we have to get in group according to the amount stated.As Julie,Becky,Aween and me only "cost" 10 cent ,so we end up not to be in any group.Bak kate Becky,"kite nie duit baki je".

The second activity we were asked to draw out our own face by using a marker pen on a piece of A4 paper given.Then Pn Junainah collected them back and randomly distributed it .Time nie berserah jelah where our pretty/ugly drawing will end up with.Mine was with one of the MPP which i tak ingat name and surprisingly i gt R's ..err.idk whether is it ok if i nk publish the pic here.

After that we were divided into 4 groups(10 members-4 girls 6 boys).tapi sedih sebab qla x rapat to any of the girls so i end up jadi extremely pasive.srry.ohh.other group members were F and A.at least i know them walaupun x bercakap.Then start lah game yang kene jalan atas paper (which i hate the most since forever!).buat malu je.sebab qla, my group kalah.SRRY!that night qla sangatsangatsangat emo(first day *).but im greatful ade Pn H****n n my group members yg sgt supporting.Lepas tu,each group had to state out the reason they win or lose.Time my group,A nk bangun but the councelor nk orang lain.So,entah macam mane qla rase mcm nk bangun.tp 'this one person' said to me "dont blame yourself " .too late bcause that was my intention for bravely stood up.But embarrasingly,i only managed to speak out few WORDS and then the words 'pop' hilang.But yeah,i did learn something that night.i bet the others did too.Last activity for that night was we were asked to describe/match our group members with the car's component.It was hard!!how can u judge a person which u only knew for less than an hour???iuuushh.oh.kalau tak silap ade one of my groupmate nie describe qla as Wiper.accept it ;D

gosh!malam tu qla n Julie tak dapat tidur.we heard some voices,dah lah that time just Julie and Qla je yg tak tidur lagi.Memang selubung satu badan,tangan pegang each other and bile ade 'bunyi' ,the grip become tighter and tighter(mcm bg signal that we both heard that).And untill one time Julie suggested to call Ustaz S(but we didnt ).Then,we woke Suhana up.Die ckplah this and that psl bende yg kite kene buat if we are in ''others' place,then die tidur besides us.Tapi kesian sbb lepas tu die yg tak boleh tidur.srrryyyyyyyyy

Day 2

semua talk from Ateh.Unbelievable sbb qla x ngantok langsong pon.

my group >>ONE PIECE

other groups
>>dolphin smthng2(france word)
>>sutera bayu

>>penggoncang dunia



BBQ night

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