Tuesday, January 5, 2010


life seem great here.cnt even had enough time chit chatting with them.yea.girl's expert ;D
results have been released.nothing much to say bout it.just that im a bit frustrated with my Bio result.not that im aiming to get 7.but yet what i get doesnt convince me enough that im now on my way as a Medic student.Physics and Math are also unexpected.but this "unexpected" is the other way round compared to Bio's result.I am all ready and prepared that i might get band 2 and below or atleast i PASSED!but yeah.God has give me somehing in return.Alhamdulillah.i should be grateful to get that "much" for Math. i can afford to aim/get any higher than that since the scorer in my class also manage to get few marks higher-which is less than 10! than mine.so yeah.pull up your socks for SEM 2.

ps:im now trying to have a healty lifestyle compared to SEM 1

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