Sunday, January 10, 2010

u call him Papa.I call him Abah

normal routine during weekend is to get your butt lying on the bed and your eyes glued to the wide screen.i asked my roommates what movie they have and BOTH of them offered me okaylah.i know that this is a film by Afdlin Shauki but tak pernah terfikir nak tengok sebab rase filem nie mesti macam filem malay lain.but today,i was touched and cried while watching Papadom.**nasib rumates tak perasan.

have you ever think how much your father loves you?
have you ever count how much he had spent to raise you to this age?
have you ever realised how much he had sacrifice in order to see you happy?
have you ever know how much prayers he did to see you succeed?

pernah sedar??pernah terfikir?takkan.
same lah kite.
qla pon baru sedar.

memang kadang-kadang kite suke complain(normally girls,lelaki tak kesah sangat kot pasal nie) yang parents kite dont really show their love to us.we normally hope that their loves to us is in terms of materials/something that we can see straight/feel directly.zaman modern sume nk instant.tak pernah nk fikir doa-doa deorg yg tak terkira,kasih sayang deorg yang tak henti-henti,belai kasih time kite tidur.tak terfikirkan.kite yang duduk jauh dari deorg kadang2 lupe pasal doerng.suke-suke je habiskn duit deorg,belajar pon main-main.

i love you mak abah eventhough sometimes
i dnt know the right ways to show them off.

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