Tuesday, March 2, 2010

hospital attachment

forms we have to fill and sign

starting this week,the Mercy Medic club will be completing our CAS at Hospital Tuanku Ja'far Seremban.yay!tak de MEETING dahhhh.hoooray.

today was our first visit there.just for a short briefing about what we gonna expect for the next 2 months(will be doing this up till Mei).we were divided into pairs.for each week,each pair will be allocate into different ward.just to make us familiar will all sort of reality out there.and to give us a rough view on DR's life n works.terujaaa.my first place gonna be the Children's ward.

actually,stepping my foot in HTJ just now brought me back to one memory i had last year.in there.i remember vividly everything that happened that time,at the Forensic Department of HTJ...

on our visit next week,its stated in the planning that we'll be taken to the Forensic Dept.i do really hope i wont get traumatized.nononoo

i did learned something from our visit today.i saw this one old lady was in her final stage of life.nazak.its hard,for her and her relatives.life is short and we'll never knew how and when we'll die.do appreciate people around us as we can still doing it.

then,i saw this one cute lil' baby who had something macam besi on one of her leg.mak once told me that i had to pakai those besi(which i cant even picture how sampai sekarang) on my foot.right after i was born.kesian kan.jangan lepas nie sume dok tengok kaki qla plk.cz memang tak da ape-ape kesan.and they are same panjang ok!boleh je jadi athlete maktab dulu =p.

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