Monday, March 29, 2010

sin chan dalam hutan

a lil' update bout our makan-makan with cg pojie.

if u ask me to describe this in just one word,i would say SATISFIED!!

semua orang semangat,tak berkira etc.FUN!

the menu and person incharge

UMMU and QLA >cake(actually cg pojie requested for this)
MIRA > bee hoon,bergedil
IZZAH > ayam rempah,popia
SARAH > fruit cocktail

afterl all,everyone gave a very handful help.dua hari berkampung dalam culinary room.huh..dengan jadual weekend nie tibe-tibe pack semacam,dengan study skillnye lah,forum amende nye lah...tapi still semangat nk buat benda nie jugak ;D
imagine the first night we finished at 1 ++ am.and for the final prep the next day,we started at 2 pm and end up at 5.30 pm ..yea.P.E.N.A.T lah.homework berterabur.quiz bio lagiii..but semua muke puas hati.we did enjoy every moments ;D

night before,i had a dream of how this makan-makan thing will go on..duhhh.its actually a sign.they(mira hanun n izzah especially) planned to surprise me by singing birthday songggggg.maluuuu.rase muke panas and tibe2 berpeluh extremely.nasib baikAtie ada.jadi tempat menyorok kejap.but its least theres memory for me and for them bout my birthday .haaha

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