Saturday, June 19, 2010

pesan mak

Can you guess what my mom told angah this afternoon?naah.let me just make things quick

“kalau nak ada boyfriend dekat sana boleh,tapi jangan samapi tertonggeng”

(I bet mak was referring to what had happened to angah last year.)

Yes.that was her words to angah.luckily i wasn’t there(in the car during tht time).kalau tak sure dh tergelak besar and nasib tak kena a no-no finger plus sengih perli from irfan =p

Sometimes we think that mak just hire a private FBI or something to follow she knew almost everything about our teenage sosial be frank,we rarely(err .or maybe i shld say NEVER) had this open mother-daughter conversation discussing about this relationship thingy.NEVER! and im not the kind of person( and daughter) yg tahu nak share my very personal life matters with others.tak percaya tanyallah deoarng.sangattt sikit yg realllllly know bout my personal private life.

well yeah i like to talk to them with whom i be frind with,who r my classmates,who i go out with etc etc., but hey. just KAWAN and the know fact i think they know MOST of my frinds.”kawan yg usj tu”,”kawan yg %%%% tu”, “kawan yg ££££ tu”.tak pon kadang2 adik beradik bergossip n mak abah dapat tangkap.but they never take it seriously n sametime boleh buat jokes lagi from it..

tapi kiteorang takdelah sampai nk sorok2 masuk gua just to keep the secret sealed.NOPE.buat biase sudah.deoarng pon pernah muda jugak kn.they knewwww.

personally, i didnt take my friendship( realtinonshp ? ) with the opp sex before seriously.i think i have my very own principle to explain that.tq.

or maybe the time isn’t right YET.

or mak tak pesan direct lagiii =p

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  1. me too! m not that kind of person who can easily tell my stories/problems to others especially my love life! hahaha.

    m kind of tend to keep it by myself. i think it is better that way :)