Friday, June 11, 2010


i did a.l.o.t of shopping this week.Sunway P,Summit,Subang Parade,Sogo..(eh sume start with S lah).actually teman aimi to buy her things maa.tapi alang-alang tuuuuu ;D.time shopping tu rase macam mak orang.coz i have to pay EVERYTIHNG!yes.everything single thing.termasuklah ticket train.tapi tak pe.boleh c.l.a.i.m. ade something yang serious lawak tak tahu plak mcm mn nk nvm lah..lets just assume that this is my personal reminder of what had happened.bialah aween n me je yg tahuu.sooorryy.

since aimi is going like real soon, so akak buat lah bbq kecil-kecilan.ayam ikan sausage kambing n burger.ohh.ade coool blog juge ;D

kecil-kecilan i told ya

and one more thing


Italianese, Empire.

till then.will see if i have anything "interesting" to update this weekend/next week.


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