Saturday, October 23, 2010

a wedding planner maybe

lately nie memang busy.busy yang kadang2 tak tahu mane nk kene settlekan dulu.tapi biaselah, time-time busy macam nie sure banyak godaan. n godaan kali nie agak dasyat.


bukak buku math tapi tepi youtube
bukak buku bio tepi tu wedding video
(i suggest you and another website which i x ingat)

dah tengok satu x boleh stop.semua sweet2. semua fairy tale.

bukannye dh gatal nak kahwin or what, but saje2 je. and i believe each and every one of us has our own imagination/dream on our future wedding.especially girls!

sampai one time Kinah and Izzah kate
" if you are not a doctor,u should be a wedding planner instead"

apart from that,i will easily get stuck on youtube for few hours straight!yes believe me
GUITAR/ PIANO cover glued me!

and now my broadband keep on sending message saying that i've almost reach the max capacity due to excessive download.huh!

but i dont think im the only one who get GAGA over those wedding videos and cool covers.memang tengah musim kot sekarang coz Aimi pon keep on updating me on website yg ade all this suweeeeeet videos.

one of my fav.sweeeeet couple.*hope i'll found someone like this*

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