Friday, December 3, 2010

Goodbye Sem 3

School Offff people.yayaya.examination has ended but the results are to come.STOP IT.will not comment more on how much terrible i did for this Sem 3 exam.lets just pray the teachers are generous enough to give us high marks.with God's willing.

So happy to be back home although i was a lil' bit demotivated earlier when thinking about the assignments that has yet to be finalised and also the upcoming final senior year.fuh! i need some space.please.

Here are my so called resolution for this "hopefully-a-wonderful-sem break" :

1. NO MORE caffeine intake
2. LESS LESS LESS chocolates
3. more Carbo + Calcium
4. try some new recipe
5. Reward time :D

others will be update from time to time .

Will be heading to Melacca Abah's very first house to be exact.yeah maybe for the very last time.

Happy Holidays dear friends :D

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