Tuesday, December 28, 2010

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Morning (or maybe Mourning?lol)

Few more days until 2010 walk back and give the way to 2011.Many are excited for the whole new year,2011.They said 2011 will be OUR year-those born in 1991.Naah,me dont feel the same. I just hate it when it comes to New Year. Can i just stay in that one particular year will all the memories i had, regardless they are sweet or bad memories ? okay,NO! whatever will be, i have to move on.WE have to move on.

2011 is a big,serious year for me and for you. It is the year where our future holds on.Yeah,OUR future.It will all be about sacrifices and struggling.hate it!Bottom of all,lets just pray 2011 will be our year.amin.

Me thought of doing a special post to recap whatsoever had happened throughout 2010.For me, 2010 is such a beautiful year which has thought me so many things and be the person i am now.But since i have not done yet with my never ending assignments, so forget it.

5 more months to go.Hopefully we can get through it with guides and helps from Him. insyaAllah.

Oh, before i end, i would love to thank Juju for the lunch treat yesterday.thank you so much dear.

Murni Discovery,USJ 9
they have all sorts of fancy names for their foods and drinks.
i tried Fair Lady-named after Nissan Fairlady kot.haha
they even have I love You drink.lol
you got to try!

ps:malam nie jangan lupe tengok final AFF Suzuki Cup!

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