Friday, December 17, 2010

one of the awesomest just feels good when you get to carry some amount of money and spend the whole day shopping with your sister.sister's time.the boys been planning for this sib's outing with abah like weeks before.only after aimi and me had some plan, they ajak us.fine.although we were heading to the same place ,which for sure you guys can guess it pretty well(hint:fav mall), but we went separately.yeah.different cars.sure thing me not driving.apa gune ada aimi kan.the thing is we(girls) need more time to survey on one thing before we decide to splurge on it.boys normally just grab and pay.isnt it?simply like Touch n Go. =p we meet up during lunch hour and then sambung balik.overall semua orang happy hari ni.

since aimi is back over the weekend,so our plan to go for a short vacay at Pahang is cancelled.not totally cancel.we still will head to Pahang tomorrow afternoon and have one night trip over there. and oh we planned to throw a super-extra-advance surprise for mak's birthday tomorrow since this is the only time where the six of us are around and can yeah, harap2 berjalan lancar.presents ticked :D
a quote from durrah which i think inspire me even more :

"masyarakat perlukan dermatologist mcm kite due"

Durrah,hold on to your dream, our dream.insyaAllah.

Goodnight ;D

ps:it would be lovely if ade yg nak suggestkan tempat makan yang sedaparound kuantan.travelling is all about foods.tq.

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  1. awww.....
    frankly, kite sgt sgt terharu......
    YEAH, masyarakat memerlukan dermatologist mcm kita dua..... =DD
    Ya-Allah, jadikan lah impian kami ini satu kenyataan... Amiin....