Friday, December 31, 2010

people change

What got me wrong Mr.Troy. Like after those years we've been like so rapat,i mean yeah like brother and sister, sharing stuffs that i ill never tell any other apart from you and only you.You did the same too. The sibs bond is like whoaa. Now, then one thing happened that change everything. It just feels awkward-to me. Things arent the same way it used to be. Things are different. You are different. Me too. The whole thing, from the beginning are not in the place where they used and should be.

Like what Beyonce and once you said it too- IRREPLACEABLE.

1234 - homeroomate ak. used to be close.. slalu ejek ak ngan y_ _ _ dlu. adehh.. damn smart.. lives in subang. die nie ramai gle pminat.. tapi maen tolak jeh sume.. hahaha.... rajin study. tak suke dikongkong. tak ske jiwang jiwang nie.. eww... ;)

see you got me wrong there,statement tak de bukti.where goooooooot that way meh?!