Thursday, December 9, 2010

Playfull Kiss

Just finished watching Playfull Kiss.Fine korang sume dah habis tengok time exam haritu kan?especially 2 org my beloved roomates yang tak tidur malam during exam week just to "study" Baek Seung-jo and Oh Ha Ni. I didnt regret for not joining you guys. Im enjoying every single moment to get glued to BSJ w/h any gangguan from you people.the series were great!awesome! and romantic(at least i think so).and i find that BSJ wasnt that annoying just like what u described to me loving it anyway.sweet.

Yeah,sure there's something that i could learn from this series

1) Never2 give up, even when people look down at you.just believe in yourself and let what people wanna say bout you.coz you are yourself!May it be in studies,career or even LOVE.

2)Sometimes it might takes years for you to fulfill your dreams.just live your life and keep on working to reach your "destination".It is worth it.

3)Sometimes guys dont really show that they are actually "into" a girls.So girls,what should we do?

ps>my roomates and me are having such a total different point of view regarding BSJ's still think he's sweet in his own way.

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