Friday, December 10, 2010

Problem solved!

Hey.just want to share a personal experience of mine with girls out there who might be facing the same problems.Err if you are guy but still want to read this go ahead.might be useful for your sisters,girlfriend or maybe future wife ;D

Every month women will be having their normal "cycle".But for those who are "fortunate" enough they will experience more! What i mean is the pain.For my case, im having a serious hard day during the "due date". I cant even wake up from the bed and highly dependent to people around me.and also the pills.With few times of throwing out and sometimes diarrhea,and not to forget of the pain as if there are hundreds of sharp knife cutting off your uterus wall.Painful plus tiring.

People advice me to take Evening Primerose supplements,but then it dont really works as im not discipline enough to take those suppliments every day.Reason : terlupa ;D

Whats more frustrating is that you/i have to "prepare" to waste one day of each month enduring this and unable to do a thing.Calendar crossed! Be glad women.

So finally i've found out a way to get out of the pains.Been "experimenting" on this for the pass 2 months and Alhamdullilah it works on me.very well.


Go and grab your sport shoe and do some sports.make it 2 or 3 times the week before your "due date".it helps a lot.any sport as long you will get your body sweat.err,dont think swimming will help tho.tak tau lah if it works on others,but just not me.

Problem solved! ;D

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  1. qla..m facind the same syndrome except for the diarrhea n not trowing out..i've tried evening prirose oil pill but it didnt work.. haha