Monday, December 20, 2010


like i said,im looking forward to spend this last two weeks of 2010 with SOMETHING.what something,idk.we'll see.

Wednesday's plan with Durrah, insyaAllah :

World's tallest indoor tube slide @ Empire Shopping Gallery,Subang

Saturday's :
Hazirah's sister wedding.meeting the Subang's girls and catching up with each other.serious tak sabarrrrr.
then kene rush to Sunway P.409/509 small gathering.didnt plan to have a gathering pon,sebab tau susah nak kumpul semua.Just thought of having lunch with Deeya @ Empire,tapi tibe2 ramai yang semangat nak fine lah,nasib sunway jee,senang dekat ;D
*sebenarnya takut nak pergi reunion2 nie.takut.takut.takutt

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  1. nape perlu takut? kene la confident nk jumpe member lame, and since it's been a while, sila put on your best outfit that you can pull off! :p bestnye dok mesia. -.- haih. hehe. hey, tube tuh bley naik kah? :D