Friday, December 24, 2010


mood : over excited for SOO many reasons.

2 most-looking-forward events coming up few things need to be settled by tonight.agak kelam kabut sebab sorang thru skype , msn sorang, group chat box plus phone. sorry if salah send/type.or i didnt layan u much.sorry.

first thing in the morning tomorrow, wait for Durrah to come.mean while need to tidy up the room since Deeya and Temah will overnight at my place.sort of girl's sleepover.Then sambung fitting session with my fashion police, Ms Durrah(a must cz still havent decide on what to wear for the wedding n reunion n picnic, altho we met in Skype just to show each other our, then need to show Durrah something,which is something2 special and plan some strategies for Durrah's mission.entah ape plan kakak sorang nie.then maybe kene rush kejap to ktm to greet my ex-classmates.busy much?lol

Excited to meet my subang friends at Haz's.Will tag along with K and A. and of course Durrah.tak payah drive.wee.durrah i think u need to thank me for the fact that u can tag along with us with the most obvious reason you should have already known.=p

after wedding,balik tukar baju and solat,then straight to Pyramid.remember my previous post where i wrote that im nervous to attend any reunion.yeah,masih nervous for many reasons which i can list it out,if i want too.but now i feel better coz little that i know the others are soo excited and looking forward for the reunion.tak sangka reunion kali ni akan menjadi.we even plan to drag one more day so that we can spend more time with each other.wont talk any further,takut tak jadi.let's just pray everything goes on as planned.amin.tapi takut coz apad n syahid have plan to prank on me.for no solid reason!and also looking forward for their special wild guess : nak bertunang kot deorang ni.

Mr J datang bukan pada masanya.

katil penuh baju,how am i gonna sleep?ok,cepat kemas!

and baju ape untuk esok??



  1. im wayyyyyy excited tooo!!!!
    and errr...
    i don't know what to wear.