Sunday, February 13, 2011

Durrah this is for U !

This post is specially dedicated to my dearest-friend-since-primary school-and-till-forever SHARIFAH NURDURRAH SYED MUDZHAR

CONGRATULATIONS for the conditional offer from Ireland !

Pray that i will get such awesome news in the mean time. But of course not from Ireland. Already digest that fact ever since I decided to enter KMS :(((

The lucky girl.

Nanti kite nak crash tempat awak dekat Ireland nanti !! Or awak nak crach tempat kite dekat Bangalore(err??) .lol.

I desperately need miralceS and signS.

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  1. kite baru nmpak post nie though awk dah tulis nie since feb! sorry. neway, THANKS SANGAT!!! awww... *blush* =)