Monday, March 28, 2011

Belgium or Belgaum ?

Cari mana Bangalore and mana Belgaum

And today, the 10 fortunate medic students who will be going to Bangalore this September (insyaAllah) were called by Pn Siti. We were given an offer to change our application to USM KLE International Medical Programme at Belgaum, India. Well if people misheard this, they might hear it as Belgium. Whoaa. lol.

The first question Pn Siti asked was
"reason u guys tak nak pergi Manipal sebab 700 USD ke?"

Bet u Pn Siti pelik because we are the largest group so far from KMS who will be send to Bangalore. Last year seorang je.Lain semua berebut-rebut nak Manipal.

lol. Teacher, money isnt that major matter.Whats most important is the environment.Surrounding. The lifestyle.

Bangalore and Belgaum. Hurmm. in terms of allowance approximately the same. No worries ! The weather at Belgaum is a lil' bit cooler compared to Bangalore and wayyyy colder if compared to Manipal.Suka ! Others idk.

USM-KLE is actually USM offshore programme. And they just started the programme over there last year. Meaning IF we were to be send there, we will be the second batch. So called pioneer lah jugak kan.

Okay the thing is that if majority choose to go there, the 10 of us HAVE TO GO TO
BELGAUM.Pn Siti insisted that we need stay in the group of ten. But I've already have the pictures of me staying, studying (and shopping) in Bangalore. Apart from that, there's no direct flight from Malaysia to Belgaum, which is also part of the reason for me not to go to Manipal.

In term of the degree that I will receive at the end of the 5 struggling years of studies, there's no doubt that USM's degree is some how more "recognise" by the public-i shld say. Like Pn Siti said, USM is the second oldest medicine faculty after UM in Malaysia. So yea, what more you want to expect isnt it? Quality terjamin.

But to be frank, I dnt really bother from where i'll be receiving my degree. Yea lah, if im the kind of person that really mementingkan quality and stuff, i wont be hesitate to opt Manipal. Can you see, im more to Bangalore and im excited to be part of their alumni. The University isnt a big deal for me as long i can fully adapt plus "enjoy" my life while im there. Taknak lah semata-mata nak kejar nama Uni tapi hidup tak best. Kan?

So for now, from what i've heard from Nana and Atie 5 of us "bermati-matian" want to go to Bangalore while the other 5 decided to go to Belgaum. 50-50 situations. Lets just hope Allah will guide us to the best path for everyone.
Betul-betu dah ready ke DR Q?

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