Friday, March 18, 2011

Pre- Birthday Symptom

Say hello to the-not-so-good mood i have today. Well i guess the pre-birthday symptom (PBS) is back. I noticed that i’ll experience this PBS a day before the day im getting a year older ( and sometimes on the 19th too). Is it because i hardly try to deny the fact that i’ve to leave the awesome 1 year behind.OR MAYBE im trying hard to deny that im getting MAYBE i just don’t want all kind of special treatments, attentions and stuff on the 19th . Not that i don’t appreciate their efforts for doing so, tapi saya malu. I wld much more prefer if they just wish me thru text or FB . Simple. I don’t know how to react upon their suprise. Sometimes, i already know there will be some surprise planned for me, but then i cant affort to act like it is a TOTAL surprise . Then what should i do ? Thats what depressed me even more. Any other reason? Idk. Just couldn’t figure out the “main cause” for this weird PBS yet. To be honest, this PBS is irritating me much as i try not to be too carried out by my not so good mood on that day. Pity them. Pity myself. You know, bad mood means u r wasting 1 day of your wonderful life. But i afford to do nothing.

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