Sunday, September 11, 2011

Day by Day

Day by day, another column on the wall calendar will be crossed. Making me realised that the time isn’t waiting for any of us. The day everyone been looking for will soon arrive-mine as well. But as the day comes nearer, I tend to sense something. Something which sometimes irritates me and also makes me feels a little bit more special than before.

People around me are treating me in a totally different way than before- in a sweet/good/super extra special way and also the other way round. I don’t like to be given that extra attention or love or priority at this very peak time. Treat me the way you treated me before. Nothing much special.

And for those who are treating me the other way round, i just assumed it is your way to show your sadness upon my leaving. Bet I get you right on this. Never mind, I still can tolerate. Each and every one of us has our very own way to show our love, kindness, care. Or maybe it is our ego that leads us to this kind of situation? Idk . But i do still care for you.

And I am so greatful to be given the chance to get to know a whole bunch of new friends. Twitter punya pasal lah nie !

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