Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Long Wednesday

Super loooooooooooong Wednesday.

Dont think i have to scribble out every single details about my day.

Well maybe just a lil' note for my ref in the future :

* didn't get to meet * although both of us were in the same building . (sad)

* experience my very first corporate events . (awkward)

* i HAVE READERS FROM INDIA ! Hyeeeeeee (malu)

* Hye Sir and "kakak"-isteri sir . Malu Qla Sir baca blog saya. Lepas ni tak boleh nk jiwang-jiwang / emotional sgt dah kat blog, nanti kantoi dengan sir :)

*the guitarist from the band that performed at MOH tonight looks very similar to SP (hoh)

Mandarin Oriental Hotel .

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