Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ibu muda berkerjaya

I think that being a young mom is not an easy task. Even harder , if you are working ( worst, still studying) .

I salute those young moms out there !

Today's experience of taking the 2 kids (age 5 and 1) to KLCC really needs me to put my 'ibu muda berkerjaya' cap on ! But at the end of the day, balik rumah and slept for 2 hours! Penattttt.

The whole house are just so excited to have these two kids around since it has been ages that this house is so sunyi with no babies/ toddlers.Lama tak tengok ruang tamu bersepah dengan mainan.

Getting the chance to spend the whole day with them is somehow a new life experience for me. Since the gap between all my siblings is 1 year interval, i never had the chance to experience the "kakak jaga adik" thingy. Thus,getting to learn and see how to handle and manage baby for their daily basis is pretty interesting. Starting from taking bath to how to dodoi them to sleep.

But i think, i am a bit too biased with the kids. I always prefer the baby more than the toddler. I can tolerate when the baby cries, but not when the toddler cries. Lol. A bit too malas nak layan. I love the baby more !

I salute ibu muda berkerjaya !

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