Friday, August 31, 2012

The Month of Vacation

Finally it's September-The Vacation month !

I bet, it is just not me alone who will have to pack the luggage(again) and drag them to the airport. But this time,the agenda is different. No tears shall drop at the airport,no goodbyes shall be made,no Leaving On the Jet Plane playing in the background and definitely nothing related to study purpose. Double yay !

A group of my KMS friend from manipal will be going to Korea. Same goes to my IMS-MSU senior. Another group of friends of mine is now already in Sydney. Probably i will be reading more and more exciting and happy updates from different sides of the world this month. Im just happy reading their latest status on fb of what they are currently up to. They deserve all those moments. Study medic stress kot.

While for me myself, i will InsyaAllah be visiting 2 countries .

One with friends,the other with family.
One needs visa,the other naah.
One self-support,the other by parents.

So for that,i've been doing some "homeworks" for both trips. I downloaded few apps that will help me with the language barrier once i reach there. It's quite interesting to learn new language,although your tongue might get twisted once awhile. Another app that i found interesting is the one that shows beautiful pictures of the place that i might be visiting ,with some informative infos. Apart from that,just few other basic apps that i might need ; maps,list of public transport and all.

Thanks to Zaman Millenium for all this !

After flipping thru the calender, I just realized that I only have 21 days left( minus 12 days for vacation) to enjoy every moment at home - will be flying back to Bangalore on 3rd Oct. And probably for that reason, i hardly feels like going out or make some date with old friends or simply just to go shopping. Probably other reasons for this is because Subang is getting hotter by days-tolonglahhh hujan, pleaseee. Or im just so malas to mix and match or to think of what should i wear if i were to go out. Malas to do those kind of thinking process. But not to worry, i will try my level best to beat this lazy part of me to make up for any invitations-WILL TRY. Just that if i have to initiate any events/meeting/gathering im so sorry .

Since i hardly go out nowadays, i enjoy myself most when i get to indulge and immerse myself into the novel that im currently reading in no other better place than my bedroom. I brought home 2 of my "still virgin" novels out of quite a stack of them back from Bangalore with intention to finish them up during this holidays. But the mission seems quite impossible since i just get the chance to lay back and read. Im only about half way thru the first novel. With the coming vacations and all, i think that they-the novels will be flying back to Shriram Sandhana Apartment again as a

Since the lazy part of me has conquered the master, i would like to apologise if i didn't / late / answer or reply any of your call / text / comment. There are times when i simply left my iphone and ipad . Mintaaaa ampun , mintaaa maaf . And so sorry for not answering your call , probably because i didn't have your number saved in my phone. So next time, just text if i didn't answer you at the first place .

P/s : i can see quite a number of this blog's visitors are reading my Korea Travel log . Thank you for readinggg ! Im so sorry if there is any lacking of informations. Just hope that the entry can atleast give you a hint of what to expect when you reach Korea. Enjoy your trip !


  1. its becoz sab paksa member p korea sme bace,. thnx qilah!