Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Five Malaysian varsities among Asia’s top 100

KUALA LUMPUR: Universiti Malaya (UM) led four other Malaysian universities into the Top 100 Asian Universities list, the first regional ranking issued by The Times Higher Edu­­cation (THE) Quacquarelli Sy­­monds (Qs).

UM clinched 39th spot. The other four universities were Universiti Ke­­bang­­­saan Malaysia (51st), Universiti Sains Malaysia (69th), Universiti Tek­nologi Malaysia (82nd) and Universiti Putra Malaysia (90th).

QS managing director Nunzio Quac­­quarelli said the result of the QS.com Asian University Rankings was based on regional relevant mea­sures of excellence.

“The top performing universities were distinguished not only by quality but also by high productivity of research, compared to their regional peers,” he said in a statement here yesterday.

He said Malaysian universities per­formed well, with high numbers of international students and faculties, which made Malaysia an attractive option for international students.
Number one is University of Hong Kong followed by Chinese University of Hong Kong and University of Tokyo. — Bernama

ps>>evnthgh x msk UM lg..but amek mood dulu=)PROUD as soon-to-be part of UM


  1. eh, uitm mne?
    tade pon tape,
    coz ak syg uitm
    dkat ngan rumah

  2. semangat qila! haha
    xpe..bgs la tu :)

  3. qla..
    um mmg d best u ni malaysia.
    i knew it very well..
    haha. sy sgt bangge akn um. =]

  4. aku dah bacer kat paper..mesti korunk cari U korung kat ranking baper kan...sekarang sume dah SAYANG U MEMASING.. takder saper cari MRSM TGB dah..haha..

    neway, gudlark, n try to score 4 flat b'coz it is not impossible!! insya Allah..

  5. Rangking dari sudut pelajar/fakulti:


  6. haha..
    aku pon dpt amek mood dlu sebelum msuk lps bce nie..
    aku dpt bwt kesimpulan..
    sume bdk UM exited nak msuk U kan??
    aku pon..