Sunday, May 24, 2009

future of DR Aqilah

white lamborghini puzzle done.credits to aimi too=D
2nd puzzle otw.

akim's poster

hari ni,25 may,qla sepatutnye register kat UM.
i woke up in the morning n wondering whether im taking the right decision regarding my future,my life..what ever it is,there's no turning to take consideration of others too..mak,abah,uncles,aunties.BUT how bout mine??this is my life,my to make some sacrifices for them.who cares bout me..lalaala.


  1. aiyaa,,i care bout u lah..
    huhu..qila,,ku x fly nnti.. :(
    tp ku x kesah,, :)

  2. aqilah.. i think ur decision skrg to stick wif KMS, is the bestest choice la.. dunt worry too much, k?
    btw, sy sggah ofis ayh sy tgh hari td.. ramai jgk org masok asasi um uh.. siap ade banner slamat dtg pelajar bru lagi! =]

  3. aha, btol la ur d'csion tuh
    jgn risau.

  4. btw...i love d song kriss alen AI..yeah..u rawkk!!!...kms pon layan~